How comfortable it is to live in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture

Features of Kanazawa


Kanazawa, the central city of the Hokuriku region, is unique in that a castle town has grown into a city with a historical atmosphere on its streets and historical remains. It has various charms. It is blessed by bountiful food from the seas and mountains. Historic sites such as Kanazawa Castle and Kenroku-en attract many tourists from all over Japan. It was selected to be No.1 city to live in the Hokuriku and Koshinetsu regions.

Why is Kanazawa a comfortable city to live in?

Kanazawa is popular, because it’s a great city to live in. It’s safe. It is conveniently located for shopping, and it has nurseries, kindergartens and schools scattered nearby. Ishikawa Prefecture itself is ranked No.1 for having the highest women’s employment rate, and there are no children waiting to enter nursery school. It can be said that it is a great city to work and live in.


The plenty of parks, as well as nature and stable costs of living make the city great. It is very lively and vibrant with many tourists visiting there. There are many restaurants using ingredients found only in Hokuriku, and you can have excellent food for reasonable prices.


 As for land transportation, since the Hokuriku Bullet Train has been open, it is very easy to transfer to neighboring prefectures.  As for air transportation, Komatsu Airport and Noto Airport provide easy accessibilities.



Feedback from Kanazawa

Listen to what people living in Kanazawa have to say:


・Around the station, there are restaurants that use ingredients unique to Hokuriku. I enjoy finding new restaurants and walking around on weekends. You can find plenty of great food for a reasonable price.  The whole city has the atmosphere frozen in time. Both children and adults can enjoy many festivals and music events.


・The location is great. There is no problem with grocery shopping. There are 5 supermarkets within a 15-minute drive. We also have many family-friendly restaurants.


・ There are 3 prestigious academic schools nearby in the prefecture. There are substantial numbers of cram schools, too. You can choose the best cram school for your children. The city has a peaceful atmosphere and is comfortable to live in.


・There is a big shopping center nearby. The redevelopment of the station brought in more electronic and home appliances stores, drug stores, etc. The place has become more convenient. It has great access to transportation like trains and buses. I can use both the Kita-tetsu Ishikawa Line and the JR Hokuriku Main Line. It’s greatly accessible and convenient.

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