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Female-Only Share House [EN]

It is located in the Ishibiki area, a 10-minute walk from Kenroku-en, a tourist attraction in Kanazawa. In recent years, more and more unique cafes and shops have opened at long-established shopping streets in the area, where you can enjoy the new culture of Kanazawa.

The share house is female-only, but it is not too girly. It is stylish and cozy. A good amount of light shines into the living room, a counter like in a cafe offers a place to chat, and a big dining table can be used for a party for all the residents.

Share house En

Nearest Station A 15-minute bus ride from Kanazawa Station、a 3-minute walk from Ishibiki-Machi bus stop
Cost From 36,000yen~ the rent varies according to rooms
Entry Condition Female, all nationalities, from 18 years old to about 40 years old
Share House Availability Vacant
Co-working Availability Vacant
Share House Concept Female-only
Merit Female only and furnished with appliances
◼ Recommended for someone who:
・wants to live apart from her parents’ place
・is about to live by herself
・is worried about living alone in an unknown area
・is a career woman wanting to save money
・wants to enjoy sharing life
・is a minimalist or a naturalist

◼ Start a share house life easily
‘EN’ provides kitchenware, basic seasoning, dishware, furniture, and appliances. You can move in with a smaller amount of luggage and start your share life at ease. As this is only open to females, an iron and a sewing machine are provided. How nice!

◼ A Share house that greets you with ‘Welcome back’
A female concierge and her family make the share house feel homelyand safe.  At ‘EN’ the concierge and her family live on the 1st floor and support the residents through their professionalism and by maintaining the public spaces. They may offer you some portion of delicious food! You can have a heartwarming and safe, as well as a freewheeling life at this share house.

Please feel free to ask us any questions
Share house name Share House En
Office locations Ishibiki 3, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
Access A 15-minute bus ride from Kanazawa Station fixed-route buses, a 3-minute walk from the bus stop, Furatto bus, a 3-minute walk from the bus stop
Rent Rent:36,000yen~ The rent varies according to rooms
Utilities 15,000 yen (This includes the cost of electricity, gas, water, Wi-Fi, basic seasoning, daily necessities used in shared spaces, regular cleaning, and management)
Deposit / key money A-month rent (No key money)
Contract fee 15,000 yen(tax excluded)
Guarantor Company Two-month rent (In case of no guarantor)
Facilities A large-sized TV, 2 refrigerators, 2 lavatory vanities, a bathroom, a shower room, western toilets on the 2nd and 3rd floors, 2 washing machines, a clothes dryer, a vacuum cleaner, 2 rice cookers, a microwave oven, a toaster, a coffee maker, cookware, dishware, basic seasoning, a sewing machine, an iron, Wi-Fi, bicycle parking with a roof
Room amenities A bed, a mattress, a desk, a chair, curtains, an air conditioner, a spacious closet, lights
Complimentary services
Bicycle and motorcycle parking Available for free
Contract period 6 months or longer
Renovation completion date June, 2018
Building structure and size Reinforced concrete・7 units
Maintenance Rooftop
Internet Free Wi-Fi
Remarks Required to take out fire insurance, about 8,000 yen a year

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