Kanazawa City Recommended Share House Introduction | SHAREHOUSE 180 ° Kanazawa

This is the biggest share house in the Hokuriku region,

where you can create new possibilities,
and where we support SOHO, starting a business,
learning a language or DIY, etc.


It is a dream place for those who wish
to live in a share house and to use a working space.

“Having an office at a share house” means you can live with someone and work. This is the place where freelancers can meet totally new friends, different from usual work buddies.

Share 180 has the concept of ‘Let’s change our life 180 degrees through sharing’.

We believe that our life can be changed by people we meet, the places we live in, and the career we pursue. We hope that ‘SHARE HOUSE 180°Kanazawa’ will provide you with an active life in one period of your long life.

We will realize your wish

A wish to work hard
at your work space
A wish to improve
your English
at free English lessons
A wish to meet
new people
and to live an amazing life
  • Low initial cost furnished share house with appliances
  • Free WiFi access
  • Minimum contract of 6 months
  • Private room with a key-locking system
  • Security cameras & automatic locking system
  • People with different occupations and nationalities / great opportunities to meet new people
  • Corporate registration or office registration welcomed
  • Parties such as a welcome party

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-Kanazawa City Share House Overview

Share House 180° Kanazawa

Nearest Station 15 minutes by bus from Kanazawa Station. 3 minutes walk from bus stop “Ishibikimachi.”
Cost 29,000 - 39,000 yen per month(tax excluded)
Entry Condition Men and women, foreigners possible (18 to 39 years old)
Share House Availability Vacant
Co-working Availability Vacant
Share House Concept SOHO, coworking, entrepreneurship, English, DIY
Merit ・ Save money
・ Become entrepreneur, English conversation, DIY
・ Enjoy communication with various people
Glass partitions block eye contact in the shared space, so that you can learn and work on your own time, and we have prepared the SOHO Space (Meeting Room) to connect to other others. This area can be partially rented out, and visitors from outside can use it if they have a membership. Also there will be a wanted board (post information about your project and people with skill sets you are looking for), board to post incremental goals, book shelves with donated books, and individual boxes for stuff (with lock). Legal personality registration support is provided for start-ups. Rooms may be used as offices. You can relax in a hammock during your break, or lay down and watch a movie at the theater space.

There are free English lessons for tenants every week where a native English teacher will teach conversational English skills. There is also a language exchange system (introducing speakers of the language you’d like to learn), so that you can exchange language skills at will. We are planning on holding regular get-togethers for cultural interchange with the non-Japanese community in the Kanazawa region (interchange with guest
houses and facilities in the area).
Construction Space
The garage on the first floor (with roof) has a bike stand, motorcycle parking space, one spare parking space for visitors, and work desks and tools for various projects. Tenants can use this space to do rather heavy-duty work.
Design Concept
We have designed the house with a minimal design mainly consisting of the color white. This will coax your intellectual curiosity and creativity daily.There is also neon lighting used in some parts, allowing the house to stand out and have character.

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-Kanazawa Share House Information

Share House Information

- FAQs in Share Houses

Do we have to clean our house?
No, you don’t need to. A professional cleaner will clean up the shared space once a week. (It is necessary for individuals to clean their own private rooms.)
May I invite my friends?
Yes, of course. Your guests are welcome, because your guests can bring a new network and could create new friendships in the community. We ask that you inform other residents about the visit in advance, using a mailing list. (We provide a mailing list for each share house.)
What is equipped at a Share House?
The basic appliance for living are all provided, such as a TV set, a fridge, a microwave oven, and a vacuum cleaner. Each private room is also furnished with a bed, a desk, a chair, and a closet. Free Wi-Fi is available at all share houses. You could move in with only a single bag anytime you want!

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The flow of moving in/use

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    Date of Open House Decided

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    Open House

  • 4

    Residential/Rent Application・Contract

    ※minimum 7 days to 10 days to move in/start living here

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    Reside/Rent Start

05052747043 05052747043

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Please fill in the following question form. We will reply to you as soon as we have confirmed the request. If you are in a hurry, please give us a call.

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Staff introduction

Company Profile

Company name Share 180°Company Limited
Representative Masaki Ito
Established July 2, 2014
Paid-in Capital 3,000,000 yen
Business Area Planning, managing, and consulting of share house projects
Office locations Naogoya head office
Kanazawa branch office
Email Address
TEL 050-5274-7043
FAX 052-308-6997
Business days Open 7 days a week (Except New Year Holidays)
※Open for business even on weekends and holidays
Business hours 10:00 - 19:00
Association participation General Incorporated Association) Japan Shared House Association
General Incorporated Association) Japan Shared House Association Nagoya Branch
General Incorporated Association) Japan Shared House Organization Western Japan Branch